Q&A Lesson: Right Hand Stability

Lesson of the Week – Right Hand Stability 
Stopping the right from bouncing while playing.
This is a Q&A via a YouTube commenter
Youtube Video Link (4k Quality)

A discussion and lesson about right hand stability for classical guitar. The question was regarding a “bouncing right hand” issue. I review some right hand technique and posture ideas and then talk specifically about how to stabilize the right hand. Find more video lessons here, or check out pages for free sheet music or gear reviews. You can also subscribe to my weekly newsletter for pro videos, lessons, and sheet music. Help support the site & free lessons by Sharing, Caring, and Subscribing.

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  1. All of your work is first rate and informative and helpful. Thanks.
    How about a chat about fingernails for those who are pianists and guitarists…how to avoid the dreaded clicking on the keys while still being able to use them on the strings.

    • Norman Elkuch on

      I once had the same Problem playing piano with fingernails. It was annoying and tedious. I remember that I trîed to solve the Problem by applying plasters. But that was not the solution. Later I read more about piano technique mainly in the internet and I learned that many pianists prefer to Play with less curved fingers, some of them with very flat fingers such as Vladimir Horowitz or Oscar Peterson. Today I Play with slightly curved fingers. I touch the keys more with my fingertips and hardly ever with my fingernails. In any case the fingernails are no Problem for me anymore playing the piano. Above all playing with less curved fingers had a positive impact on my technique.

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