Online Courses for Classical Guitar

Classical Guitar Courses and Repertoire Projects

Classical guitar lessons and sheet music organized into flexible courses of study. Also see the Lesson Page which lists all the individual lessons and organizes them by topic or the Sheet Music Page for my eBooks. You can also browse by level, genre, and more at my sheet music store Werner Guitar Editions.

Courses of Study

How it Works

I offer books with free video lessons as courses of study. All the video lessons are free, offering more flexibility than a monthly subscription site. For a mere ten dollars you’ll receive month to years of practice and access to the material forever. You can also see my page on How to Use my Educational Series of books to learn classical guitar.

Courses for Beginners

  • Classical Guitar Method – Vol. 1 (Free PDF) – My beginner method has video lessons for everything. This represents at least 6 months to a year of study for the absolute beginner. Less time will be needed for students that have more experience.
  • Classical Guitar Method Vol. 2 – This is a continuation of the above book and also has video lessons to help out. This is a study of common keys and styles of playing as well as a rhythm section and more.

Courses for Intermediates

These books are for students who have completed my method books and want to be guided through repertoire as they progress. This is a natural way to learn and very focused on learning to play pieces and gradually acquiring new skills. The aim here is to improve while enjoying great repertoire. You may want to pair these with my technique book to create a comprehensive routine.

Technique and Etude Courses

  • Classical Guitar Technique: Essential Exercises, Scales, & Arpeggios – 122 pages, Video lessons. You can start this book anytime after Volume 2 method and continue with repertoire lessons. This book focuses on essential exercises for the development of classical guitar technique. All the exercises from the headings of the table of contents progress from easy to advanced in a progressive format. Although this is a book of exercises rather than a method, I have included many helpful tips throughout the book to aid students. As with all my materials, the video lessons are an added educational advantage.
  • 20 Favorite Exercises, Notation + TAB, Video lessons, Grade 1-6. Great for crossover students or a boost. Not as comprehensive as my full technique book but this is perfect for some people that want a more compact set of exercises.
  • Ten Classical Etudes, Grade 4-7, videos lessons, Notation & Notation + TAB. This is a great book for intermediate students who want to progress through a set of pieces designed with specific educational and musical goals in mind.

Repertoire Collections

All of these have videos to watch, notation-only editions, and TAB editions.

  • Easy Classical Guitar, Vol. 1, Grade 1-3. A nice set of 15 authentic pieces from various eras in the guitar and lute repertoire. Video lessons for each piece.
  • Easy Folk Songs Vol.1 – 25 fingerstyle solos. For each piece in this book the 1st time is easy and the 2nd time is intermediate. You can play both as a continuous piece or just choose your level. Whatever works best for you. These are great for anyone who has completed a basic method and want a ton of easy pieces to work on. Plus having two levels for each piece will make this useable as your progress to new levels. Video performances.
  • Easy Celtic Guitar Vol. 1, Grade 1-4. Five pieces to to enjoy at various levels around the early-intermediate level. Video lessons for each piece.
  • Easy Christmas Songs – Vol.1 / Vol.2 / Vol.3 – Grade 1-2. Some super easy fun for the holidays. Video performances.
  • Kellner: Rondeau, Pastorel, Passepied, Giga – Grade 6-9, Baroque, a nice set for the early-advanced student. Video lessons for each piece.
  • Gaspar Sanz Collection, Grade 3-7. Great intermediate works from the Spanish Baroque guitar repertoire. Video performances.
  • Weiss Sonata IX in C Major – For the advanced player. Video performances.

Free multi-part or long lessons

See the lesson page for tons more.