Lesson: Playing Musically on Classical Guitar

The following lessons focus on playing and practicing musically. Of course, this is directly connected to your technique ability but it’s also a frame of mind and an exercise in active listening. Can students play musically even if they’re a beginner? Yes, I truly believe that beginner players can be excellent musicians. They might not be able to play difficult repertoire yet but they can play musically and with good technique if they have learned correctly.

Below, classical Guitarist Jason Vieaux on Playing More Musically, and His Gernot Wagner Guitar. This comes via Acoustic Guitar Magazine and their YouTube Channel.

Below, Matthew McAllister gives a lesson in practicing guitar musically. This comes via the excellent Siccas Guitars and their fantastic YouTube channel. Here’s a great lesson about listening and practicing in a musical way. Practicing technique will only take you so far, you must engage with the music in order to become a good musician.

Below, Bradford Werner (that’s me) gives a lesson on replacing tempo with other musical elements or how to balance your performances with a well-rounded musicality. This comes via my YouTube Channel. In short, when you drop your tempo to a slower speed you can replace it with other ideas such as legato playing, dynamics, increased sustain, better phrasing etc.

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