Easy Classical Guitar Volume 1

Easy Classical Guitar Volume 1 – 15 Authentic Pieces from the Renaissance to Romantic era. PDF or hardcopy sheet music for classical guitar with video lessons. All works from guitar and lute sources. Comes with both a notation edition with left hand fingering and a separate tab edition. The level is easy-intermediate or post-method book to Grade 3. Composers include: Ballet & Dallis Lute Books, Fuhrman, Logy, Sanz, Giuliani, Sor, Carulli, Molino, Mertz. An authentic collection from the Renaissance, Baroque, Classical, and Romantic eras. Also see my Easy Classical Guitar Volume 2.

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Hardcopies (Volumes 1 & 2)

Video Lessons for Each Piece via YouTube 

Grade levels are approximate and depend on your tempo and desired level of refinement.

Please Note: I’ve replaced two pieces for the 2020 edition. If you have the 2017 edition and want to upgrade for free, email me to verify your previous purchase. The previous lessons for 2017 Edition are here: Greensleeves (old version) and Tanz by Fuhrman.

FYI, my Grade 2 Repertoire Lessons book also includes Espanoleta by Sanz. Cover image is just for promotion, the PDF is a text cover. Lady Playing a Lute by Bartolomeo Veneto (c.1502–31). Digital image courtesy of the Getty’s Open Content Program.


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    • The tab for this book is located after the notation in the same book or in the same pdf if you get the digital version. So first there is a notation edition and if you keep going through the pages you’ll find the tab version.

  1. I found amazon books called Easy Classical Guitar Volume 1 & 2, are they the same it has a different cover and is only one book

  2. I cannot stop buying your books. I’ve just ordered this one and i have your classical guitar techniques and grade 1 &2 and grade 3&4 repertoire books. The lessons are great and i enjoy progressing. Once lockdown is over i am hoping to go and play in the local church to hear what it sounds like. I may ask if i can practice there and anyone there can enjoy the music while i get more confident. Thanks Bradford.