Lesson: Moderato by Carulli for Classical Guitar

This is a lesson from my eBook: Easy Classical Guitar Pieces- Volume One – 15 Easy Songs Ranging from Renaissance to Romantic. PDF Download with Notation & Notation + TAB Edition, Fingering, Online Video Lessons for Each Piece. Approximate Grade Level: Post-Method Book to Grade 3. YouTube Lesson Link.

Moderato from Op.27 by Ferdinando Carulli (1770-1841). This is one of those pieces from the classical guitar repertoire that truly is better on guitar than other instruments. The piece is mainly texture based with arpeggios throughout. In the lesson I discuss how to approach practicing the arpeggios in two different ways: block chords followed by one note at a time. I’ve included it in the book for its exciting pace, simplicity of technique, and etude quality.

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