Lesson: Chanson Englesa for Classical Guitar

Chanson Englesa and lesson for Classical Guitar. PDF or hardcopy sheet music or tab with both a notation-edition and tab edition. This is a lesson from my book: Easy Classical Guitar Pieces- Volume 115 Easy Songs Ranging from the Renaissance to the Romantic Era. Easy-intermediate level around grade 1 or 2.

Chanson Englesa (or Lusty Gallant) from the Dallis Lute Book and arranged for classical guitar. This is a beautiful little piece with a nice arched melody and basic chord accompaniment. The Lute Society has a lesson on the piece here where you can also check out the Renaissance lute tablature. As they mention “This popular tune exists in several sources, but this version from the Dallis lute book is characterized by a strong rhythmic motif, and distinctive full chords at the end of main phrases.” Youtube Lesson Link

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