Lesson: Robin Reddocke, Easy Anonymous Lute Work for Guitar

This is a lesson from my eBook: Easy Classical Guitar Pieces- Volume OnePDF Download with Notation & Notation + TAB Edition. 15 Easy Songs Ranging from the Renaissance to the Romantic Era. Approximate Grade Level: Post-Method Book to RCM Grade 3.

Robin Reddocke is a lute work from the Ballet Lute Book of the Late 16th Century. It is one of the easiest pieces in my eBook but has a simple charm to it. Just make sure to use the left hand fingering provided in the book and to alternate i, m. You can also check out the original lute tablature and a lute lesson from the Lute Society on this page although they dive into ornamentation and more advanced ideas that are out of the scope of my book. YouTube Lesson Video Link

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  1. Hi,
    when you say to alternate m and i, how strict do you mean that? I want to do the right thing and I tend to be haphazard when it comes to which finger picks which note.

    Do you mean no matter what upper note and no matter what string of the g, b, and e strings to use strict alternate picking of the m, and i?

    • If it becomes awkward you can throw in the ‘a’ finger to on occasion. Otherwise, try to be strict about it to some extent. It’s a fingering concept so do your best. Sometimes it’s easier to address habits like this in technique practice. Practice your scales with strict i, m alternation and hopefully you’ll generally be able to do it in pieces.

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