Scott Morris on How to Prepare a Piece

Scott Morris gives a small performance and then talks about how to prepare a piece. Likely best for beginners but surely also a relevant reminder to intermediate and advanced players. This comes via Guitar Salon International on YouTube.  He talks about knowing the historical context of the piece, absorbing the style, technical elements, theory elements. If you’re looking for a technique book you can check out my review of classical guitar technique and exercise books. Here is the blurb via YouTube:

In this lesson Scott talks walks us through the steps necessary to prepare a piece for performance, using Satie’s Nocturne No. 1 as his example.Scott is playing a 2012 Antonio Marin Montero classical guitar at the Guitar Salon International showroom in Santa Monica, CA.

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  1. I have seen a number of videos by Scott and I think he gives some solid information. I think the Marin sounds fantastic.