Giuliani Left Hand Interval Studies, Op.1, Part 2

Left Hand Interval Studies (Left Hand Exercises) by Mauro Giuliani (1781-1829).

Left Hand Interval Studies (Left Hand Exercises) by Mauro Giuliani (1781-1829) for Classical Guitar. PDF sheet music and lessons for classical guitar.Comes with both a notation edition with left hand fingering and a separate tab edition. The level depends on your tempo and determination (Approximately Grade 4-9). See lesson video for more info on the level and intentions. Left Hand Fingering. 84 pages. This is a PDF download. 

My Sheet Music Edition and Samples (PDF)

This work is from Giuliani’s Studio per la Chitarra, Op.1, Part 2. These studies lean more toward a technique exercise experience but there are a number of nice musical moments making them enjoyable while offering numerous benefits for musical and technical development as well as reading skills and interval recognition of the guitar. 

I have used Giuliani’s fingerings for the majority of this edition (around 95%). However, his smaller guitar, use of the left hand thumb, and some irregularities have led to small changes and modernization of fingerings for this edition. Giuliani’s fingerings are not ideal in terms of legato phrasing and smooth technical movements. His fingerings emphasize position playing and the physical workout involved in jumping from shape to shape in close proximity. There are benefits to learning to “cover up” or “hide” non-legato fingerings by making our movements as quick and sustained as possible. Here’s the YouTube Lesson Link if you want to watch it there. 

Overview Lesson Video

Thirds in C Major

Sixths in C Major


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  1. Bradford,
    Great lessons on your website! Q – Have you ever heard of an exercise called Imitando il Grancho Crab-Fingerings, which are themes By Fernando Sor arranged and fingered by Miguel Abloniz. The piece causes your hand to imitate the walking motions of a crab as you play up and down the neck of the guitar. My instructor in the `1970’s took a few Master classes from Miguel Abloniz and came back with this exercise. It is quite a work out. I can see you “tackling” this with no problem. On the other hand I have a new set of problems every time I practice it. Thank-you for your great lessons!

  2. These are great studies. I don’t think you mentioned that you had previously done lessons for numbers 5 and 7. After I saw those lessons I was inspired to start working up some of the others. I’ve made it through 9 so far and there’s no doubt they improve your left hand technique. Looking forward to seeing some of the others.