Thomas Viloteau on Nails and Shaping

Via the online magazine Si Corde! Thomas Viloteau talks about filing and shaping the right hand finger nails. He shapes his nails in the opposite direction to mine.

See my full article on fingernails: Fingernails for Classical Guitar: How I Shape My Nails. I’m  going to add this video to my article to show variety.


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  1. I have been using this method , (and posted a blog on this site not so long ago) and have found it by far the best method. My problem now is how to stop my nails cracking, flaking and breaking. Any ideas?

    Anthony E Strong

    • This is not a quick fix but there is a nutritional product called Moringa leaf powder. I have used this product for the past 8 months and the effect it has on nails, hair and overall health is astounding. Many of my students have also begun to use it and see the difference in two to three months. There are many companies who sell it, I do not give out names of the companies but recommend that one does a search for the product on google.

  2. Great video. I’ve used every possible nail shape, including this, over the years and found that at least for me, they all work well.

    Thanks for posting the video.