Greensleeves by Francis Cutting (Free PDF or TAB)


lute1Greensleeves by Francis Cutting (c.1550–1596)
Classical Guitar in Notation or Notation + Tablature (TAB)
Level: Intermediate (Grade 5)
Note: This is a free Renaissance setting of the piece. If you are looking for an easy modern/normal setting of Greensleeves go here.

Here’s a free sheet music edition of Elizabethan lutenist & composer Francis Cutting’s (c.1550–1596) setting of Greensleeves. This piece is originally for lute [Source: GB-London, British Library, Add.31392] but is fingered here for for regular guitar tuning (EADGBE). It’s a bit tricky but once you can navigate the chord shapes smoothly it’s more on the early intermediate side. I’ve made a free copy to attract guitarists to the site and a tablature (tab) version for those who need it. Enjoy! Join the Email Newsletter to get updates on free sheet music and more. Please consider donating to the site to keep the free sheet music coming.

Free Notation Only Edition

TAB Edition (PDF Download): $2.99

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