Q&A Lesson: Performance Anxiety in Music & Guitar

Q&A Lesson: Performance Anxiety in Music & Classical Guitar – I took a ton of questions from my various subscribers on Patreon, Youtube, and the site comments and made three comprehensive questions and answers. If you love these Q&A Lessons feel free to visit the support page.

Three Main Questions & Answers for Performance Anxiety

  • 1:28 Psychological: When I perform in front of people it’s not a good as at home practicing, what can I do? Topics include creating a performance persona, replacing tempo with other musicality, accepting success and failures, supporting yourself.
  • 7:55 – Practicing & Technique: How can I practice and work on technique to specifically help me perform and reduce anxiety? Topics include performing your pieces multiple times, three tempos to practice and prepare, memory and starting at various points, relaxing and resetting after each phrase, planting in the right and left hand.
  • 23:50 – Performance Day: What can I do on the day and at the time to perform better and reduce performance anxiety? Topics include: Have a good warmup routine and don’t run the piece just before going on stage, tune and setup before, minimal setup on stage.
  • 28:55 – Concluding comments.

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  1. I tend to suffer from performance anxiety. I have researched this topic extensively online. I learned more from this video than any other resource. Thank you!

  2. Excellent guidance Master Werner!
    I noticed a marked improvement in my performance in front of my imaginary audience, almost immediately after watching this video and felt very pleased with myself!
    Thank you so much for this and in deed for all your other teachings. All the best.

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