Gear and Accessories for Beginner Classical Guitar

Here’s a list of gear and accessories for the beginner classical guitarist. This is the gear that a beginner might use with my volume 1 method book. Also see my full gear page for tons more stuff, but to start out you’ll only need a:

  • Classical Guitar
  • Footstool or Guitar Support
  • Method Book
  • Music Stand
  • Clip-on Tuner
  • Anti-Slip Pad

Classical Guitar

You’ll need a 6 string classical guitar with nylon strings. Classical guitars are different than steel-string acoustic guitars so make sure it’s a classical guitar. Chances are that you’ll be starting out on a beginner factory made guitar or used instrument. I often recommend Cordoba Guitars as a decent brand but there are plenty of options these days. Yamaha is very affordable and has good quality control if you’re on a budget. You can check out my beginner guitar recommendations.

Footstool or Guitar Support

You’ll need either a footstool or a guitar support. I highly recommend you try both. As a beginner you want to be able to play with a footstool since it is the traditional thing to do but guitar supports are great for posture and positioning and are being used a lot these days. You can check out my guitar supports page here to learn more. If you can’t decide just get a footstool and start practicing.

Method Book

It’s important to have a method book to guide you from absolute beginner and forward in an organized and enjoyable way. Your teacher will recommend a method book for you. Of course, there is my free pdf or hardcopy Classical Guitar Method Book Volume 1.

Clip-on Tuner

Yes, please learn to tune by ear but it’s very helpful to have a clip-on tuner for accuracy and quick tuning. Tons of options for tuners out there, I like the D’Addario Micro Clip Tuner because it’s so small that I just leave it on all the time.

Music Stand

I know you might feel like you can just put your books on a desk but for posture and positioning reasons you really should have a proper music stand. Any music stand from Amazon will do but the collapsible ones are great if you want to take it to a rehearsal or different location. I have a bunch of collapsible ones and a heavy duty one for at home so I can pile books on it.

Anti-Slip Pad

Ok, one more thing. This is very helpful for beginners and pros alike. It might seem silly but the guitar can slip around on your leg very easily and a non-slip pad of some kind is great. I just cut pieces of shelf liner, it’s a rubbery foam and works well. You can try this Shelf Liner from Amazon or just go to a local hardware store.

That’s it

Try not to buy too much outside of this list if you are a beginner. Get practicing instead and you’ll slowly discover what else you might want. If you are interested in more gear check out my full gear page.

Happy Practicing!


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  1. I have been playing guitar since the early 1970s. I am 57 years old. I play mostly hymns of the church. I read TAB for the most part. I recently purchased a Lucero Classical Guitar at Guitar Center for less than $200.

    The sound is ok but I am thinking about buying another guitar in the neighborhood of $500 or $600? However, I am not a concert guitarist nor do I play at the church. I play mostly in my room for me. Should I buy another guitar or just stay with the Lucero?
    You say?

    • It’s up to you but I recommend saving up for a much better instrument. Stick with the one you have for now and then make a significant upgrade to a special instrument for the long term.

  2. Do you have a recommendation for a left-handed adult?

    I understand getting a left-handed classical guitar is a little harder?

    Does that outweigh the eventual advantage of being able to strum and pick with the dominant hand?

    • I just bought a SLG200NW, which has a real Ebony neck and a 52MM width, for practicing at work, etc, and it works very well. However, I do have a luthier built classical guitar, and you really need the real thing. If you can afford both, it can be a real nice thing to have.