Rosita by Antonio Manjon on Guitar (Lesson, PDF)

Rosita by Antonio Jiménez Manjón (1866-1919). PDF Sheet Music or tab for classical guitar. The PDF comes with both a notation-only edition and a tab edition. Intermediate level (grade 4-5). Free video lesson and performance.

Sheet Music or Tab Edition

Here’s an edition of Rosita by Antonio Jiménez Manjón (1866-1919). I perform the piece, and then discuss an overview of some musical ideas and do a walk-through lesson. Antonio Jiménez Manjón was a composer and guitarist from the Andalusia part of Spain. Manjón became blind when still a young child but still performed recitals throughout his life. He later settled in Buenos Aires. A highly influential player who inspired such names Agustín Barrios and Miguel Llobet. This Rosita has an abundance of charm and a a decent length considering its relative ease compared to his other works. Here’s the YouTube Lesson Link if you want to watch it there.

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