Sellingers Round – Anonymous (Free PDF)

Sellingers Round (Anonymous Renaissance Lute Work) – Free PDF sheet music, performance, and lesson video for mid to late-beginner or easy-intermediate classical guitar. For use during or after my Method Book Volume 2.

Free PDF Sheet Music Edition

Sellingers Round (Anonymous Renaissance Lute Work) – This work comes from a book that was bound with the William Ballet Lute Book. Source: Trinity College, Dublin MS 408/2. With a gentle dance feel and a strong melody this is an excellent and authentic Renaissance work to play for the late-beginner or early-intermediate.

This is part of a collection of easy supplemental pieces after my free Classical Guitar Method Volume 1. or during my Classical Guitar Method Volume 2. This is a nice easy work without any oddities or awkward fingerings. The collection I’m forming will add a few extra pieces for students to play before they move on to my graded series or just for enjoyment and extra practice.

Here is the YouTube lesson link if you want to watch it there.

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