Lesson: Study in B Minor No. 22, Op. 35 by Sor

Study in B Minor (Allegretto) No. 22, Op. 35 by Fernando Sor (1778–1839)
Lesson and Sheet Music for Classical Guitar
From my PDF eBook: Ten Classical Etudes (Werner Guitar Editions)
Includes fingering, notation only & notation + TAB edition.
YouTube Video Performance and Lesson Link (4K)

I end the book with another study focused on musicality. Again, I do this to remind the student that playing musically is just as important as having good technique. That is the whole point of etudes: to combine good music with a technical or musical element. Work on balance, shaping, phrasing, arpeggios, melody, tone and more. The notation is a bit strange in this work but in general you just play eighth note rhythms most of the time. The longer note values implied are just a suggestion regarding sustain. Bring out that beautiful and simple melody!

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  1. I love this composition, it has a romantic sound. I usually play this composition with apoyando technique for the first string. How do you think about that?

    • That would be a good way to practice it for sure. However, if you want the accompaniment notes on the 2nd string to ring out that would dampen them which could be good or bad depending on what you’re after.