Lesson: Il Bianco Fiore by Cesare Negri

From Easy Classical Guitar Volume 2 – 15 Authentic Pieces from the Renaissance to Romantic era. All works from guitar and lute sources. PDF Download. Includes both: Notation-Only edition & TAB edition, left hand fingering, some right hand fingering, online video lessons for each piece. The level is easy-intermediate or post-method book to Grade 3. Composers include: Anonymous Lute Works, Negri, Calvi, Kellner, Sor, Carulli, Molino, Mertz. An authentic collection from the Renaissance, Baroque, Classical, and Romantic eras. Il Bianco Fiore Video Lesson Link.

Il Bianco Fiore by Cesare Negri (c.1535-1605) from his Le Gratie d’Amore (Milan 1602). Originally for Renaissance lute. I love these charming Renaissance lute works that are both relatively easy but so beautiful, authentic, and high quality. Practice the melody on its own a few times to get the phrasing and dynamic shaping. Sing/hum along as you play. Then, when you add the chords in keep that melody nice and high quality. A strong sense of the first beat with a light bouncy dance will add a Renaissance flavour to the work. I have omitted a few inner voice F sharps to avoid awkward fingerings and relative lute tuning.

Below is a lute performance (not from my score). This comes via Elizabeth Pallett’s YouTube channel.

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