Rercercata Bella Collaboration with Elizabeth Pallett

Rercercata Bella, an anonymous Renaissance lute work from the Siena Lute Book. Performance, sheet music, lesson, and discussion for classical guitar or lute. This is a collaboration with Elizabeth Pallett via Luteweb on YouTube (go subscribe) and I had a wonderful time working with Elizabeth on this project and learned so much from her, I hope you do too. Our discussion shows how there can be endless discussions and discovery in these works and collaboration with lute player must happen more often!

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My pdf sheet music edition

Notation edition and a separate french tablature and Italian tablature edition.


Recercata Bella (Anonymous Renaissance Lute Work) See the video for additional info as well as the collaboration videos with lutenist Elizabeth Pallett via her excellent site at and YouTube channel.

Fingered for relative lute tuning on guitar with the 3rd string tuned down to F sharp and optional capo on 3rd fret. My edition comes with a notation edition, French tablature, and Italian tablature edition.

There are two manuscripts for this work. I’ve based this edition on the manuscript from the Siena Lute Book (The Hague, Gemeentemuseum, MS 28.B.39) which is an anthology of over 150 items compiled in Siena, Italy. The other manuscript can be found in the Bibliothéque Nationale, Paris: F-Pn Rés.429, ff. 107v-108v (Italian Tablature Copy c.1560-1565).


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  1. What a brilliant idea. I hope this is not your last collaboration. I usually avoid guitar music with TABs but this is a definite exception and zI am really looking forward to learning this delightful piece.

    • Keep in mind that all my editions are available as a notation-only score (no tab) and when tab is included it’s at the end of the pdf after the notation. Another thing to note here is that this is lute tablature which is not the same as modern tablature (in case you didn’t know already).

  2. What a wonderful, friendly, informative conversation. I loved it. Can we look forward to more? When will Bradford be getting a lute? Thank you for this.