Lesson: Sor Study No.6, Op.60

Lesson for Study No.6 Op.60 by Fernando Sor
From my sheet music eBook (PDF): Ten Classical Etudes
Includes fingering, notation & notation + TAB edition.
YouTube Video Lesson Link (4k)

The first etude is a basic legato study by Fernando Sor. As you improve your technique you’ll want to keep the elegance that this basic etude requires. Use your right hand thumb for the lower voice (down-stem notes) unless otherwise indicated. Listen for the four bar phrase length and make it clear to the listener. Aim for a very legato performance with good dynamic shaping, clean playing, and elegant execution. Mute the voices as the rests indicate (watch the video lesson for clarification).


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  1. Thanks for putting this together. I noticed in Bar 9 of the Sor Study (Op. 60, No 6) on the TAB version the last beat is shown as a dotted sixteenth + a 32nd note. I’m assuming this is a typo and should just two eighth notes?

    • I’m assuming you meant bar 7 and the dotted 16th and 32nd are correct, feel free to check other editions. There are only 2 quarter beats per bar (4 eighth notes) and therefore that counts for the final eighth note beat.

  2. it´s a wonderful help and I think you are a wonderful teacher for “sram,shram ,shram” guitar players like me, which I was before i found your www performance.Thank you so much!

  3. A very interesting lesson on a Sorr étude which I like, manage and now understand much better. Thanks. Wilf.