Maria (Gavota) by Francisco Tárrega – Free PDF

Maria (Gavota) by Francisco Tárrega (1852–1909) for Classical Guitar. Notation or Notation+TAB, left hand fingering, PDF download. The level is not that difficult but there is large amount of shifting and barre so either late-intermediate or early-advanced (Grade 7 or 8). Join my Email Newsletter or help support the site & free music.

Free PDF Notation Edition (Fingered) 

Free Unfingered Edition

TAB Edition from My Sheet Music Store

Video Performances of Maria by Tarrega

Keep in mind that I use my own fingerings, although I try to stay close to Tarrega for the most part. There were a few spots I came up with my own fingerings to ease the difficulty but the style of the work is somewhat reliant on Tarrega’s original fingerings, constant shifts with glissando, and rhapsodic nature. Anyway, there are some minor changes in each video below.

Thomas Viloteau’s performance is probably closest overall to both Tarrega and my edition.

Andrea González Caballero performance has more open string and alternative fingerings. I actually like this a lot and I think it’s even a bit easier to play but the flavour of the piece is slightly sacrificed (barely noticeable due to her great playing). My edition is closer to Viloteau’s but I agree with a few of these compromises/improvements.

Irina Kulikova’s performance is nicely stable but again does away with some of the constant shifts in favour of sustain and stability.

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