Lesson: C Major Exercise in Thirds, Sixths, and Octaves

Lesson:  C Major Exercise in Thirds, Sixths, and Octaves for Classical Guitar (No. 17)
This is No. 17 from my technique book 20 Favorite Exercises (with TAB) but you should also check out my more extensive Classical Guitar Technique (Notation only, 122 pages). YouTube Video Lesson Link (4k)

These scales in 3rds, 6ths, and octaves are very good for your left hand technique, both technically and musically. In some ways they combine all the previous exercise up to this point but also flex your musical brain in terms of how to apply music theory to the guitar. Make sure to play on your fingertips, close to the frets, and with curved fingers that clear the string below. These have the potential to stretch the muscles so be careful and take breaks to let them recover. Play as legato as possible.

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Here’s a much older video from long ago!


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