Lesson: Practicing the Right Hand Alone on Open Strings

Lesson: Practicing the Right Hand Alone on Open Strings for Classical Guitar (YouTube Lesson Link). The right hand is often neglected in practice and this video addresses that issue. The main point is to have the right hand so organized that it can function on autopilot. My technique book mentioned in the video has the 100 open string exercises and the 120 Giuliani arpeggios: Classical Guitar Technique: Essential Exercises, Scales, & Arpeggios – Notation, 122 pages.

I organize the video into a few sections:

  1. Practice open string exercises (my book has 100 of them), scales, arpeggios, etc.
  2. Turn other exercises into open string exercises by using only the right hand.
  3. Write out tricky passages from your music on TAB using p, i, m, a. For example, the picture below is an easy section from Lagrima. The top line is music notation and the bottom line is TAB which is great for writing out right hand fingering. I think I got the idea from Joel Thomson or Michael Ibsen when they posted it on facebook.
Practicing Right Hand Alone on Classical Guitar

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