Vibrato Lesson for Classical Guitar

Vibrato Lesson for Classical Guitar – In this video I cover five topics: how to play vibrato, musical context (when and how to use it), using vibrato to relax the left hand, and intonation or tuning problems. Vibrato is a great way to increase your musical expression and is used to great success by other string players. Listen to lots of music from various eras to hear how singers and string players use vibrato. Also, when playing your pieces, orchestrate the music by imagining the voices to be other instruments. For example, maybe your bass line sounds like a cello. I’ve found vibrato to also be an excellent aid to relaxing the left hand for students who keep a very tense and static left hand. It really forces the hand to loosen up. Here’s the Youtube Lesson Link. Find more lessons at the Lesson Page. For updates join the Email Newsletter. Help support the site & free lessons.


  1. Q: What is the thumb doing behind the fret board during the vibrato? Is it free floating? If I allow it to float, the vibrato seems to be easier.

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