Grade 1 Lesson: Exercise No.11 by Napoléon Coste

This lesson comes from my new book Classical Guitar Repertoire Lessons Grade 1 – Eight pieces at the grade one level with dedicated lessons preparing you for each piece. Check it out at Werner Guitar Editions!

Lesson: Exercise No.11 by Napoléon Coste (1805-1883) from Méthode complète pour la Guitare par Ferdinand Sor, rédigée et augmentée de nombreux exemples et leçons par N. Coste – Grade 1 does not usually require upper position playing but I think it would be a mistake to not introduce at least some training in this regard. This short piece is a good opportunity to start becoming familiar with upper position notes and shifts as all of the position changes occur on open strings.

The position shifts in this piece occur on open strings which allows the left hand to move while the open string is sounding. This gives you some extra time to shift and results in a legato sound. Make sure each note is connected in sound and that you fully utilize the time to shift during the open string.

Just as upper position playing will appear more often as you advance, so will barre technique. Playing a successful barre (also called capo) is more reliant on your ability to be precise rather than the amount of pressure or tension you apply with your 1st finger.

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