Mr. Dowland’s Midnight by John Dowland

Mr. Dowland’s Midnight by John Dowland (1563-1626). PDF Sheet Music and Video for Classical Guitar. Includes both a notation-only edition with left hand fingering and a tab edition. The level is Early-Intermediate (Grade 4). This work is found in the Margaret Board Lute Book (Poulton 99).

My pdf sheet music at Werner Guitar Editions

Please note that you must tune the 3rd string down to F# (Dowland’s lute tuning) for this edition (the video lesson covers this). John Dowland was an English Renaissance composer, lutenist, and singer. He is best known today for his melancholy songs and lute compositions. He’s one of my favourite composers of the Elizabethan era. YouTube Lesson Link.

Why do guitarists use capos and 3rd string F# tuning?

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  1. Dear Bradford, can you please give me the name of the composer (Francis………) of the ricercare witch you play in your lesson where the capo on the 3 fret is important. Very nice piece.
    Lot of thanks.
    Anton van Geel