Lesson: Staccato Articulation for Beginner Classical Guitar

Method Book Lessons: Beginner Guitar Duets
Staccato Articulation for Beginner Classical Guitar
Waltz by Carl Czerny (1791-1857)

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This is a lesson on staccato articulation for classical guitar. Aimed more at the beginner player, this lesson covers right hand staccato and briefly dives into left hand muting. The piece is Waltz by Czerny.These are duets for beginners who have learned the notes in first position on the top three strings. Thanks to Natasha for helping with the duets in the book. Make sure you’ve covered the previous lessons first. Find the rest of the video lessons here and subscribe to my weekly newsletter for pro videos, lessons, and sheet music.


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  1. Hey Bradford,
    Love and appreciate the free pdf so far! I’m having trouble performing strictly right hand staccato with only the ‘i’ and ‘m’ fingers and smoothly transferring to a higher string (i.e., from G to B, or B to high E) while continuing to alternate throughout the piece. Are you supposed to mute the string with the ‘next finger’ then quickly strum the higher string with that same ‘next finger’? That seems to be in bad form, but I’m not sure. I honestly find left hand staccato a little easier, but don’t want to skip out on learning with the right!

    • Excellent observation, you are doing well since you noticed that. Don’t worry about it for now. It’s more advanced than needed at this point in your development. Yes, the open strings will ring out unless we mute with a rest stroke or the left hand but since this is still early in the book you can get more picky with staccato later.