Q&A Part 1 – General Questions

Q&A Part 1 of 3: General Questions for Classical Guitar and Music. Thanks to all my patrons and supporters who submitted questions. If you enjoyed this lesson please consider supporting the site.

Here’s the YouTube link if you want to watch the video there.

I held an open-ended Q&A on Patreon and so many questions that I’ll be making three videos to answer them all. The first video is general questions. The second video will be on practicing and improvement. The third video will be on technique and articulation.

Question & Answer Times

  • 00:00 – Intro
  • 0:40 – Good players vs the best
  • 7:13 – Is playing by memory better
  • 9:51 – Will you branch out to other stuff?
  • 11:40 – Playing with other instruments
  • 14:28 – Will you make a Renaissance book?
  • 15:57 – Supplemental Easy Material
  • 18:34 -Pimento Visit!
  • 18:55 – Buying an upper level guitar

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  1. I was really impressed. You handled the you vs the star players very well. Through the entire video I felt that you were sitting here talking to me.