Marieta, Mazurka by Tárrega

Marieta, Mazurka by Francisco Tárrega (1852–1909) – PDF Sheet Music or tab editions for Classical Guitar with free lesson and performance video. Late Intermediate Level (Grade 7-8).

My Sheet Music or TAB Edition (PDF)

This is one of Francisco Tárrega’s popular salon works. Marieta, Mazurka is a beautiful but more angular melody with some nice accompaniment surrounding it and the mazurka aspect. Once you have a handle on the barre chords, stretches, and slurs it is not as difficult as it first appears. Just make sure to practice the melody on its own. This is an excellent work to place in the middle of a set of Tarrega Salon works. YouTube Video Lesson Link.

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  1. I really enjoy your playing & your videos. Thanks! In Tárrega’s “Marieta,” though, it looks like you’re playing an F# in the bass at 0:39 (bar 6) instead of an F♮. Definitely needs to be natural there, moving up to sharp on best three of the next bar! Cheers!