100 Open String Exercises for the Right Hand on Classical Guitar

My 100 open string exercises for the right hand are for the development of your technique and muscle memory but also the solidification of good right hand fingering choices in your repertoire. I reference these exercises in many of my videos.

Below is an overview followed by lessons for 100 exercises from my technique book. All the individual lessons are also listed below the description on the book page. After these exercises you can proceed to Giuliani’s 120 Right Hand Studies, also in my book: Classical Guitar Technique: Essential Exercises, Scales, & Arpeggios

Overview on Practicing Open String Exercises

The right hand is often neglected in practice and this video addresses that issue. The main point is to have the right hand so organized that it can function on autopilot.

Overview of Fingering Choices

Below is an overview lesson covering concepts and ideas related to choosing right hand fingering. The biggest takeaway: practice technique patterns that you can apply to your repertoire. The basic idea is that 90% of fingering should conform to regular patterns in your technique practice and the other 10% might need specific practice. That means, most of the time we just play through scale and arpeggio work regardless of awkward string crossings and other common patterns. The technique practice we’ve solidified allows us to simply play through most textures via our muscle memory without thinking too much about it. The remaining fingering gets worked out to avoid awkward string crossings and utilize ergonomic fingering and alternation.

Exercises 1-19

Below is Exercises 1-19 and then a closer look at Exercise 11.

Exercises 20-35

Below is a lesson on exercises No. 20-35 using p, i, m, a. You might think these exercises are easy but you need to ask yourself: Can I play basic exercises as well as a professional guitarist? Could my legato sound be better? Am I truly relaxed and accurate when I play?

Right Hand Planting

When you get to this point you’ll want to learn about planting in the right hand.

Exercises 36-71

This is a lesson on exercises and arpeggios No. 36-71 using p, i, m, a. These sets really focus on gaining control of each finger by using accents and also contraction and expansion of the right hand fingers across the strings.

Exercises 72-100

This is a lesson on exercises and arpeggios No. 72-100 from the 100 open string exercises using p, i, m, a. These sets really focus on two-part patterns, awkward string crossings, Combinations, Expansion exercises, reflex oriented speed movements and more.

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