Lesson: Tremolo Exercises for Classical Guitar

This is from my new book Classical Guitar Technique: Essential Exercises, Scales, and Arpeggios. The 122 page book includes: Practice Routines, Tips, 100 Open String Exercises, 120 Giuliani Arpeggios, Scales, Slur Exercises, Shifts, Finger Independence, Barre, Tremolo, Common Harmonics, and much more.

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Before playing the following tremolo exercises, consider your overall technique. I often observe students wishing to have blazing fast and even sounding tremolo while their scales and arpeggios have not been fully studied. How can we play tremolo if our i-m, m-a, and a-m-i scales are lacking control? How can we play tremolo if simple arpeggios have not been brought up to speed? As with any technique, a fast and even tremolo is reliant on accuracy, control, relaxation, and a well-rounded technique overall. In all fairness, a student who can play their scales and arpeggios well (with all finger combinations) will be able to play tremolo with ease. That said, tremolo is a specific type of right hand technique so practicing these exercises should help organize your right hand.

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