Tremolo for Classical Guitar

Tremolo for Classical Guitar

A list of tremolo pieces for classical guitar. These are mainly historical tremolo works that are in the general repertoire. Tremolo is a technique where a rapid reiteration of a string is played by alternating fingers of the right hand (commonly a,m,i after a bass note with p). This can create the illusion of a sustained note, especially if played very smoothly and evenly. The melody of a work can appear in the repeated tremolo strings as if sustained by a violin or voice. Sometimes, a strong countermelody, or even primary melody on rare occasions, will appear in the thumb while the tremolo is played. Below is a tremolo example to give you an idea. The tremolo section begins at 0:24 minutes in, the piece is Sueño (Reverie) by Viñas.

Tremolo Lessons for Classical Guitar

Tremolo Pieces from Werner Guitar Editions

Tremolo Pieces for Classical Guitar 

Tremolo works and pieces that have significant tremolo sections. These links go to videos or other sheet music publishers or sources when a good edition is available.

  • Eduardo Sainz de la Maza (1903–1982)
  • Campanas del albaCampanas de alba (‘The Bells of Dawn’), a magical evocation of morning bells, uses the tremolo technique to provide a continuous melodic line akin to the playing of a mandolin. The piece is worthy to stand beside other eminent tremolo compositions such as Francisco Tárrega’s Recuerdos de la Alhambra, or Agustín Barrios Mangoré’s Un sueño en la floresta. The work was copyrighted in 1963. via Wade on this Naxos

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