Beginner Lesson: Alternating Right Hand Fingers for Classical Guitar

Beginner Lesson: Alternating Right Hand Fingers for Classical Guitar for beginner guitar from my Free Classical Guitar Method Volume 1. Beginner students often have many questions about alternating right hand fingering. In my book, I list the fingering for most of the first half but then it becomes a concept to follow and apply to the music. This video answers questions and explores topics such as:

How technique exercises help form good habits. Practicing technique exercises will create all the muscle memory you need and your right hand will be able to alternate on autopilot.

Keep it in mind but don’t get frustrated. The first half of my book is fingered but as you progress you might make some mistakes but don’t worry, just keep it in mind and do your best and consider practicing more exercises and easy pieces until it works more smoothly.

Reasons why we alternate or start with certain fingers. This has to do with awkward string crossings but that is a topic that is a bit beyond my first method book and beginners need not clutter the information here. As you progress you’ll understand more but for now just do your best to alternate.

Is it okay to repeat fingers? Try your best to alternate. Practice alternation. But don’t be too hard on yourself. It takes time and in the future you’ll be able to iron out all the refinements.

Intermediate or Advanced Students

Check out my 4-part series on right hand fingering: Right Hand Fingering Lesson Parts 1-4 – 4 Video Lessons.

Happy practicing!

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