Payssanos, Greensleeves by Murcia (PDF, Lesson)

Payssanos (Greensleeves) by Santiago de Murcia - Sheet Music or Tab for Classical Guitar

Payssanos (Greensleeves Theme) by Santiago de Murcia (1682-1739) – Originally for Baroque guitar. Sheet Music arranged for Classical Guitar with Notation-Only or Notation + TAB. Left hand fingering. PDF Download. The level is Intermediate (Approximately Grade 6).

Sheet Music or Tab Edition (PDF)

Santiago de Murcia (1673–1739) was a Spanish guitarist and composer. This work comes from Codice Saldivar no. 4. The tuning for the Spanish Baroque guitar has octave pairs of strings on the 5th and 4th courses. This presents many editorial choices in terms of which octave or voice a note belongs. I’ve marked possible octave additions with smaller note heads. These are optional and editorial and I’ve left out any octaves that might distract from the primary musical line. Omitting these might be more close to the original style of playing. Video Lesson Link.

An unfingered edition is available upon request.

Video Lesson & Performance

I discuss arranging music from the Baroque guitar and octave choices. I also talk about ornamentation (trills, and mordents).

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