Grade 3 Lesson: Tanz by Fuhrmann

This lesson comes from my new book Classical Guitar Repertoire Lessons Grade 3 – Seven pieces at the grade three level with dedicated lessons preparing you for each piece.

TanzSupplement from Testudo Gallo Germanica by Georg Leopold Fuhrmann (1578-1616) – YouTube Video Lesson Link. This is a Renaissance lute work played in drop D tuning. One more piece with a different tuning (last one). This should be fairly easy to play besides considering a new tuning. The lowered sixth string tuning, also called Drop D Tuning, is fairly common at upper levels.

Tune the 6th string down to D – Three turns of the tuning peg should be close. You can match the pitch by ear to the 4th string which is a D one octave higher, or use a tuner, or my lesson video. This expands the range of the guitar and allows for a drone or pedal point in this work. You will not need to read music in Drop D yet as this piece only uses the open string. This is only an introduction, higher grades will use this tuning to greater extents.

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