Study in C by Francisco Tárrega

Study in C by Francisco Tárrega (1852–1909) – PDF Sheet Music and lesson video for classical guitar. Includes a notation sheet music edition with left and right hand fingering followed by a separate tab edition in the same pdf. The level is easy to early-intermediate with some 3rd position work and Barres (Grade 3).

My Sheet Music Edition

This is one of Francisco Tárrega’s (1852–1909) easier etudes or studies (estudios). I don’t actually know of anyone who’s seen the manuscript for this work so feel free to call it attributed to Tarrega. This is a great work for classical guitarists who are getting ready for intermediate repertoire as this one involves some barres and easy third position playing. Make sure to shape the melody that is embedded into the arpeggios. This is a nice short work that is often played by students and professionals.

Additional Video Lesson

Below is another lesson on this work from my Classical Guitar Repertoire Lessons Grade 3. Both are the same sheet music but my grade 3 book has some lesson material before the edition.


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  1. Nicely played and good tone. What brand guitar is this? Also, not to be picky, but the proper pronunciation of Tarrega’s name is to stress the first syllable (where the accent mark falls) TAR-rega. Thanks.