Q&A Lesson: Ornaments During Early Stages of Practice

Q&A Lesson of the Week – Ornaments During Slower and Early Stages of Learning a Piece. This was a Q&A via email from one of the site’s followers. Youtube Video Link.

A discussion and lesson about adding ornaments during the early stages of a piece or during slower practice sessions. Ornaments and trills can occur in all sorts of dances from very fast to very slow. Depending on the context of the piece your choice of ornament and how it’s executed will depend on your tempo and a number of other considerations. My general advice is to remain flexible with ornaments as there will likely be changes depending on the speed. Therefore, stay very focused on playing the piece without ornaments but in good rhythm, pulse, and musical feel. When in doubt, practice with a metronome to make sure you are in time. Find more video lessons here, or check out pages for free sheet music or gear reviews. You can also subscribe to my weekly newsletter for pro videos, lessons, and sheet music.

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