Cantilène Espagnole by José Ferrer (Free PDF)

Cantilène Espagnole by José Ferrer (1835–1916), from No. 1 from Gerbe de Fleurs Quatre Pièces faciles pour Guitare Op. 41. Free PDF Sheet Music or Premium Tab for Classical Guitar. Intermediate (Grade 4). José (Joseph) Ferrer (1835–1916) was a Spanish guitarist and composer. This is a great little piece with lots of Spanish charm. It’s a good playing level firmly in the early to mid-intermediate level. Beginners can take out the thirds to make it easy but intermediates should be able to play them with a bit of practice. I’ve made a free notation version so please enjoy.  Join the Email Newsletter to get updates on free sheet music and more. Consider donating to the site if you like the free sheet music.

Free Notation Only Edition 

TAB Edition (PDF Download)

Video Performances and Lessons

Here’s a video lesson where I perform the work and give a little lesson and walk through. YouTube Lesson Link.

Also see this excellent performance from my edition by the great Matthew McAllister via his YouTube.


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  1. Brad,
    First off I just want to say what a great site you have. I’ve been following it for quite a while now. I’ve purchased quite a few of your books and music lessons and everything is top notch. I’ve been wrestling with this piece for a while now and I have one area that’s been giving my headaches. In bars 20 and 25 you have that quick pull off slur from the G to the F before you play the D/F combination and I just can’t get that to work. Every time I try to slur the G note my ring finger pulls down also and deadens the F note. Any tips?

    • Hi,

      Well my first piece of advice is to leave the grace notes out when you play. I know that might seem disappointing but they are kind of extra notes for decoration (ornaments). Once you can play the piece with solid rhythm and legato phrasing you can consider adding them back in. In the meantime, while you practice the piece without them you should practice quick, reflex-oriented slurs in your technique practice.

      Remember to enjoy the process! It takes a long time but that can be part of the joy of it.

  2. Hi Bradford, was hoping you’d say something about those acciaccatura! Are they just pull offs? Or should each note have equal value? Be great if you could comment. But thanks for drawing my attention to such a lovely little piece. Love Ferrer.

    • Good point. They are all descending slurs (pull-offs) and I’m playing them pretty quick-ish, maybe a 32nd note or so. I believe I’m playing them all on the beat, that is, with the acciaccatura on the beat.