Lesson: Etude No. 22, Op. 50 by Mauro Giuliani

Lesson for Allegretto, No. 22, Op. 50 by Mauro Giuliani – From my sheet music eBook (PDF): Ten Classical Etudes. Includes fingering, notation & notation + TAB edition. YouTube Video Lesson Link.

This is a great introductory etude for slurs and the four-finger position (one finger per fret). This etude is the second etude in the book focusing on basic legato phrasing and slur technique before progressing to more difficult etudes. You’ll want to gain a handle on the basic slurs first and a good left hand position before moving on. See video for clarification.


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  1. I have your book of studies and your favourite exercise one too.. these videos are just what I need – I live miles from anywhere – there are no Classical guitar tutors in the area – so your website and instruction are massively important to me – you are so dedicated to this…fantastic -thank you.