Landslög by Gulli Bjornsson

Landslag by Gulli Bjornsson

Landslög by Gulli Bjornsson
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Listen or buy the album via Bandcamp or Bjornsson’s PayHip

Sheet music available via Bjornsson’s PayHip

It was a pleasure hearing Gulli Bjornsson’s new recording of his Landslög collection. A few weeks back I featured a performance of Muxin Li playing Landslag VII and immediately went to Bjornsson’s PayHip store and purchased the score for myself (score comes with a notation edition and a separate tab edition). Landslög is a beautiful collection of progressive pieces ranging from early to late intermediate works with plenty of opportunity to bring them to advanced levels in performance. The collection was commissioned by Tonebase.

Excellent performances by Bjornsson throughout the album with wonderful dynamic shaping and handling of the textures. I highly recommend both intermediate and advanced players check out the recording and sheet music. It’s always fantastic to have an edition as well as a recording by the composer for further insight. There are plenty of opportunities to perform these in sets or as individual encores. Here’s a few words about the album by Bjornsson:

Landslög (landscapes) is a set of 11 pieces for solo guitar drawing inspiration from Icelandic landscapes. The pieces aren’t really connected in any way, one advantage of that is that each one can stand on it’s own as a piece of music and the landscapes can also be played together in any fashion… [I] finally got around to recording it on an album! I did so in my parents cabin in Iceland in the dead of winter. So if you hear a crackle here and there in the recordings that’s the fire in the cabin keeping me from freezing.

Here are some samples via his Bandcamp.

Here’s the previous video I shared of Muxin Li performing Landslog VII – Ólga við Ós (Turbulence where a stream meets a lake) via Bjornsson’s Youtube channel. 

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