Zoran Dukic – Altamira Concert and Discussion

Croatian classical guitarist Zoran Dukić performs an online concert for Altamira Guitars in his hometown in Zagreb, Croatia with repertoire by Fumic, Barrios, Ellington, and Bach. This comes via Altamira Guitars and their YouTube channel. I’m really enjoying these discussions and concerts sponsored by Altamira. Super nice to hear the artist discuss the repertoire and to just get a sense of their personalities as well. Here he’s playing an Altamira Hanson N3 double top guitar. See the description below for repertoire and discussion topics and times.

Video Topics

  • 0:00 Introduction
  • 0:18 ‘Nocturne’ by Slavko Fumic
  • 3:55 Hello from Zoran
  • 5:33 Zoran’s thoughts about Hanson’s N3 guitar
  • 10:00 Choosing repertoire
  • 15:39 Performing larger works in concert
  • 17:13 ‘Prelude in C Minor’ by Agustin Barrios
  • 20:17 Discussion and tips on the piece – Prelude in C Minor
  • 26:22 Harmonic progressions in music
  • 31:12 Jazz on the classical guitar
  • 31:59 ‘Melancholia’ by Duke Ellington (arr. Dukic)
  • 35:20 Arranging on the classical guitar
  • 41:21 Zoran’s beginnings on the guitar
  • 48:03 Advice for young guitarists
  • 52:12 How your playing has changed over the years
  • 57:17 Publication of Fumic’s works for classical guitar
  • 58:27 ‘Andante from BWV1003’ by J.S. Bach
  • 1:00:58 Credits

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