Gabriel Bianco Concert & Discussion

Gabriel Bianco performs a concert of works by Bach, Giuliani, and Ponce from his hometown of Lille, France. This comes via Altamira Guitars and their YouTube channel and was performed on three models of Altamira Guitars (Guadagnini, N500, and N300). In the video he performs works by also gives some thoughts about the instruments, and give explanations and tips for practicing and performing these works. Great performance and discussions on the works.

Video Repertoire, Topics, and Times

  • 0:00 Prelude from BWV 997′ by J.S. Bach
  • 3:00 ‘Rossiniana No.5, Op. 123’ by M. Giuliani
  • 15:58 Hello from Gabriel
  • 16:23 Talking and Tips on Bach’s BWV997
  • 21:05 Talking and Tips on Giuliani’s Rossiniana No. 5
  • 27:58 About the Altamira Guadagnini Model
  • 36:08 ‘Sonata Romántica: I. Allegro Moderato’ by M. Ponce
  • 44:26 Talking and Tips on Ponce’s Sonata Romantica
  • 50:20 ‘Prelude from BWV 999’ by J.S. Bach
  • 52:13 Talking and Tips on Bach’s BWV999

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