Grade 3 Lesson: Allegro, Op.50, No.10 by Giuliani

This lesson comes from my new book Classical Guitar Repertoire Lessons Grade 3 – Seven pieces at the grade three level with dedicated lessons preparing you for each piece.

Allegro, Op.50, No.10 by Mauro Giuliani (1781-1829) – YouTube Video Lesson Link – This is a Classical Era work for classical guitar. It’s an excellent study for slurs (hammer-ons and pull-offs), as well as muting the bass notes on rests.

Slurs – In previous grades the slurs have been infrequent but this etude will give you a true slur workout. Keep your left hand / knuckles aligned with the strings and all movements small and precise. Below are the various slurs from the piece written with the top voice only. Use i-m fingering in the right hand.

Muting the bass – Mute the previous bass note on every quarter note rest. Mute the string by placing the right hand thumb back on the string at the same time you play the upper voice. Alternate i-m for the upper voice.

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