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In the 2nd vlog episode I show you a few pictures of where I live in Victoria, BC, Canada, talk about my trio CD, Erin’s Book, what I’ve been focusing on for teaching this week, and play a rough draft of the Nocturne from Suite pour Guitare Op.41 by Canadian composer Jacques Hétu (1938–2010). The background music at the beginning is Sonata (suite) in C Major by Sylvius Leopold Weiss (1687–1750) that I recorded awhile back. I don’t have an edition as of yet on my sheet music store (although I plan to in the future). I am 90% sure it’s in this book. Here’s the YouTube Link to the Video.

That Tiny Life by Erin Frances Fisher – Erin’s short story collection published by House of Anansi Press. Complement your music with some excellent new literature. Here: Anansi, or, or

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