Coffee, Setup, Q&A, Prelude Op.41 by Jacques Hétu

A quick look at my setup routine followed by some Q&A about why I record in this small room, that weird triangle on my fretboard, the armsock I wear, and a performance of the Prelude from Suite pour Guitare Op.41 by Canadian composer Jacques Hétu (1938–2010). Here’s the YouTube link. Hetu starts at 8 minutes in. The music from the opening is a Suite in C by Sylvius Leopold Weiss (1687–1750) that I recorded awhile back.


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  1. What is the piece you play at the very start of this vlog?
    I greatly value your natural, friendly lessons, of late, the Giuliani Opus 50 studies.
    I notice that Drew Henderson has started up a series of excellent academic lessons too.
    Please keep up the good work!