Sonata IX in C Major by Weiss for Classical Guitar

Sonata IX in C Major by Sylvius Leopold Weiss (1687–1750) – Prelude, Allemande, Courante, Bourée, Sarabande, Menuet 1 & 2, Presto. Arranged for Classical Guitar by Bradford Werner. Comes with a fingered editorial edition and an unfingered non-editorial edition (see preface below). Notation only, left hand fingering only, 33 pages, PDF download. Level: Advanced (some movements are easier than others but overall advanced).

Sonata IX by Weiss (PDF Sheet Music) 

The music of Sylvius Leopold Weiss is some of the most beautiful music of the Baroque era. The galant style features smooth flowing musical lines along with Baroque era textures and ideas. Although there are many difficulties in arranging 13-course lute music on the 6-string guitar, guitarists will continue to pursue the music of Weiss due to its beauty and historical connection to plucked instruments. The term “Sonata” should be associated here with the term with the Baroque “Suite” rather than any classical era form. Source: Dresden Manuscript – WeissSW37.1 à 8 Ms. Dresde D-Dl2841.

Read the full preface here (PDF) – Includes performance notes, information on the editions, and an important note about ornamentation in Weiss’ music.

Complete Sonata Video

Movement by Movement Videos

YouTube Links: Prelude, Allemande, Courante, Bouree, Sarabande, Menuets 1 & 2, Presto



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  1. Richard Levine on

    Am enjoying learning Weiss’ Sonata IX, but there’s not notation re tempo. Other than checking the video, I have no way of knowing the preferred speed.

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