Tariq Harb Plays Sevilla, Op.47, No.3 by Albeniz

Tariq Harb performs Sevilla, Suite Española, Op. 47, No.3 by Isaac Albéniz (1860-1909). This comes via Harb’s fantastic YouTube Channel. I don’t post very much Albeniz on the site but Harb’s playing is a perfect match to the repertoire in this performance. Great moments of extroverted displays to sweet melodic musings. Suite española, Op.47 by Isaac Albéniz (1860-1909) is a suite for solo piano that is often arranged and performed on the classical guitar. Actually, it is more often played on guitar than it is on piano. It is mainly composed of works written in 1886 which were grouped together in 1887. The pieces depict different regions and musical styles in Spain. Read more about the piece via Harb’s YouTube description.


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