Tariq Harb Plays Cello Suite No.1 by Britten

Tariq Harb performs movements I. Canto Primo and V. Serenata from Cello Suite No.1, Op.72 by Benjamin Britten (1913–1976), arranged for classical guitar by Harb. This comes via Harb’s fantastic YouTube channel. You can buy his sheet music for this work here. I love Britten and this work in particular. Great performance by Harb, below is some of his YouTube description. If he posts more movements I’ll update this post.

This is an arrangement for classical guitar of the haunting Cello Suite No. 1, Op. 72 in nine movements by Benjamin Britten, one of the three cello suites he wrote and dedicated to the cellist Mstislav Rostropovich…This arrangement has been in the works for quite a while now and I have adapted it meticulously to make certain that it sounds convincing on the guitar. Some key changes were necessary for the arrangement to work and tuning the 6th E string down to D helped expand the range. It works surprisingly well on the guitar even though some extended techniques had to be employed, such as the left-hand tapping technique in the eighth movement titled “Bordone”. I find that it works well to couple it with Britten’s “Nocturnal”, if one decides to program their concert or recording using Britten’s music.

via Harb’s YouTube

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