Pavaniglia con parti variate by Foscarini

Pavaniglia con parti variate by Giovanni Paolo Foscarini (fl.1600-1647). PDF sheet music for classical guitar with free performance and lesson video. From I quattro libri della chitarra spagnola. Originally for Baroque guitar. Comes with both a notation-only edition and a tab edition. Left hand fingering. Intermediate (Grade 5). This is a PDF Download.

My PDF Sheet Music Edition

Giovanni Paolo Foscarini (fl. 1600 – 1647) was an Italian guitarist, lutenist, theorist and composer. Read more about him at wikipedia. This is a wonderful work filled with counterpoint and lots of motivic exchanges across the voices. Foscarini’s instrument was a 5 string Baroque guitar tuned in the same way as modern guitar (relatively speaking). Very little adjustment or alteration was needed. I did extend the range to the sixth string where the register or motif logically places the note. Measure 57, Third Beat: The logical descending bass line that starts in measure 54 has been completed at the expense of the original voicing. The original has a B flat in the bass and a G on the third string. Here’s the YouTube performance and lesson link if you want to watch it there.

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