Air Varié de Vive Henry IV by Julia Piston

Air varié de Vive Henry IV by Julia Piston (c.1800-1842) for classical guitar. Also called Variations sur L’air Vive Henri IV. PDF Sheet Music for classical guitar. Includes both notation-only edition and tab edition. Late-Intermediate to Early-Advanced depending on tempos, Grade 8-9.

My PDF Sheet Music Edition

The theme presents an old French song followed by five variations. The majority of the work is intermediate but there are a few tricky passages in variation three and five. Fingering is editorial as the original has none except for some position marks. Also, much of this work was written in one voice so my edition is partially editorial in the lower voice in regards to sustain since I write it in a modern multi-voice texture. Above is my YouTube video.

Big thanks to Canadian guitarist Emma Rush for introducing me to this work. Check out her excellent video of this piece on her YouTube and her recording on the album Wake the Sigh.

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