Emma Rush Plays Variazioni Op. 9 by Emilia Giuliani Guglielmi

Canadian guitarist Emma Rush performs Variazioni su un tema de Mercadante Op.9 by Emilia Giuliani Guglielmi (1813-1850). This comes via Rush’s YouTube channel. You can also find this work on her album Wake the Sigh. Wonderful playing by Rush on a Stauffer guitar replica by Canadian luthier Miodrag Žerdoner. Make sure to subscribe to her channel and check out the album. Below is a bit about the composer but you can read more on her site:

Emilia Giuliani-Guglielmi (1813-1850) is perhaps the best-known of the composers featured in this recording.  Those familiar with the standard guitar repertoire will surely know the name of her illustrious father Mauro Giuliani, one of the great guitar composers and performers of the 19th century.  Giuliani-Guglielmi was herself a very accomplished performer and contemporary reviews praise her technique.  Giuliani-Guglielmi left behind many mysteries that have yet to be unraveled, such as her exact birth date, her mother’s identity, how she spent her early years, and even information about her adult life is sparse. She performed throughout Europe, once sharing  the stage with the pianist Franz Liszt… 

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